Xeriscaping in Austin, TX

If you love the look of landscaping but worry about the water usage that it might require, then xeriscaping is the answer for you. Xeriscaping combines the beauty of a landscaped property with the water-conserving practices of an eco-conscious landowner. Speak to Earth’s Way Ecoscape Designs about our xeriscape design services in Austin, TX, today.

How Can We Incorporate Xeriscape Design Into Your Property?

If you’re concerned that xeriscaping will leave you with only bare-bones landscaping, don’t be. Xeriscaping is simply landscaping with the local environment in mind. That principle drives all landscaping efforts.

For example, we plant only native and adapted plants. Native plants support the local ecosystem, are non-invasive, grow easily, and require less maintenance. If you want to learn about the native plants that we can plant for your property, we’ll happily go over what we do.

Also, we focus on water conservation. Landscaping can sometimes require a lot of water, but with the right designs and plants in place, you can enjoy gorgeous landscaping without excessive water usage. Water conservation plans can include drought-tolerant plants that can still thrive with less water.

And if preferred, we can incorporate less lawn and more areas that allow for better water conservation. While lawns can be an attractive and valuable asset to any landscape, they can also take a lot of water to look their best.

Whatever element of xeriscape design you want to incorporate, allow Earth’s Way Ecoscape Designs to implement it for you.

Why Choose Us?

We want you to have a landscape you can be proud of, especially if you want to implement eco-friendly practices. With that in mind, we do custom landscape designs based on your preferences, needs, and property. Our landscape designs are unique and creative, allowing us to incorporate the landscaping you’ve envisioned with a style that’s distinctively yours.

Please call us at (512) 423-8150 for your complimentary on-site consultation today.