Transforming Your Landscaping Vision Into Reality

"I get my design ideas from my clients, my experience and mostly from nature. I create beautiful and useful landscapes that fit into our local native ecosystem." - Shelley Palmer

Residential and Small Commercial  Landscaping in Austin, TX

Residential and Small Commercial Landscaping in Austin, TX

Earth's Way Ecoscape Designs offers residential and commercial landscaping, xeriscaping, native yard, and garden design in Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas within 60 miles radius.

We have been in business for the past five years, our work is unique, which is why a lot of our business is through word of mouth. We are passionate about the business and create one of a kind landscapes that are designed to your specific requirements and to the layout of your plot of land.

Unique and Creative

Our work is exceptional, and we like to surprise our clients with our out-of-the-box landscape designs. We take over-developed yards, beautify them, and make them a part of the environment.


Creating a Perfect Environment

We have created a cost-saving process that takes the guesswork out of designing, installing, and maintaining stunning landscapes. With years of experience working on many different aspects, we can transform your outdoor spaces into more eco-friendly and green. We make your yard look amazing with xeriscaping, native yard, and outstanding garden designs.

Earth's Way Ecoscape Designs


Our home is located in Pflugerville, and Shelley designed beautiful landscaping for our front yard. Shelley did an excellent job. She listened to our ideas and built on them to provide a unique, charming, and sustainable front yard. She is extremely creative and very knowledgeable about the type of native plants that will flourish in our yard with little water and maintenance. Shelley took pride in her work and went out of her way to make sure we were happy. We highly recommend her.

- Mary and Weldon R.

- Pflugerville, TX

I wanted to turn my back yard into a bird and butterfly-friendly garden, but it was a mess...heavy clay soil, drainage problems, and half the day it was in total shade and then full sun the other half. I needed help, and Shelley saved the day! Her design solutions were beautiful and practical. Shelley is patient and knowledgeable and an excellent choice for anyone looking for Eco-friendly garden designs.

- Vicky L.

- North Austin, TX

Shelley designed and installed the yard of my dreams. The backyard is now an oasis garden with a lovely patio. Truly a place that fairies could live in, as requested! There’s a path that connects the front and the back in a tour of the three beautiful and unique plant “islands” she envisioned. For the front yard, I chose only to update, not completely redo it. We kept the cottage look the house naturally has, but much improved landscape that ties in with the backyard. Shelley has a remarkable knowledge of plants and landscape, and creativity to match. I could not be happier with the outcome! Thank you, Shelley!

- Sherry H.

- Wells Branch, TX